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As of today, the voting results are as follows:

Give Birth:  428
Abortion:  119

The ratio thus far is 78/22.  I am excited to see so many take an interest in this.  I must say, some of the comments have been emotional, but we expected some of that.   With 1 month and 12 days left in the vote, I am sure we will get further responses as the date draws near.



Close up view of baby's nasal bone and back of neck

According to What to Expect When You’re Expecting (4th Edition) by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel the “First-trimester combined screening involves both an ultrasound and a blood test.  First the ultrasound measures a thin layer of fluid that accumulates in the back of the baby’s neck, called nuchal translucency (NT)…  Then the blood test measures for high levels of PAPP-A (pregnancy associated plasma protein A) and hCG, two hormones produced by the fetus and passed into the mother’s bloodstream.  These levels, combined with the NT measurement and the mother’s age, can provide a risk assessment for Down syndrome and trisomy 18…  First-trimester combined screening is performed between 11 and 14 weeks of pregnancy.” (p. 60-61)

"Baby Wiggles" moves hand up to face

The doctor that performed this ultrasound was also looking for the presence of a nasal bone.  According to the book some studies have shown that the lack of a nasal bone at the end of the first-trimester is an indicator of Down syndrome while other studies have shown no correlation, so this type of screening is still controversial. (p. 60)  As “Baby Wiggles” displayed both a nasal bone and a NT measurement of 1.77 millimeters (3 mm or greater is an indicator that more testing should be done), the ultrasound indicates a low likelihood of Down syndrome.

Close up view of baby's hand by mouth

 The other thing that this ultrasound revealed is that my sub-chorionic hematoma had spread to encompass about 50% of the placenta.  Since my regular OBGYN is on vacation another doctor in the group looked at the images sent over and informed me that I should not be traveling this week; and in fact I should be on bed rest or at least working from home in a reclined position.  So my employer was forced to find a last minute replacement for this trip and I am doing my best to be productive from home.  At least at home the restroom is MUCH closer…


This is the video of the NTT Ultrasound and I just got my blood test results back today, everything was normal.  No risk factors were found.  So that eliminates one possible reason for choosing abortion.


"Baby Wiggles" waves hello

 This is the ultrasound image that was taken a few days after my trip to the ER.  Baby’s heartbeat was at 166 bpm.


This is a 3D Ultrasound image (another first for me) that was done at 10 weeks gestation.  Heartbeat was 175 and “Baby Wiggles” was approximately 1.2 inches in length.


Alisha had her 12 week ultrasound the other day.  After an internal examination, they said the hemorrhage was no larger.  The blood that was there was old blood and they had no idea why Alisha had bleeding on Sunday.


This event has highlighted to me how even something like this can be completely out of your hands.  Considering the nature of this site one could make the argument however that it never really was.

The response we’ve had so far has been overwhelming.  We’ve even had people offer to adopt rather than go through with the possibility of an abortion vote.  While we deeply appreciate the thought, we wouldn’t want to take away the opportunity for the public to make this decision.


Restful Computer Work

So today I’m back at work.  The bleeding from my sub-chorionic hematoma has almost completely stopped.  My OBGYN indicated that at this stage in the pregnancy (11 – 12 weeks) the studies show that a decrease or increase in activity has rarely  made any difference in whether a miscarriage happens or not (hence my return to work).  I was able to get a written note allowing me to work from home (which my boss was REALLY great about) and I enjoyed not having to make the commute to and from work for a couple of days.  With the gas prices climbing once again it was more economical to work from home if for no other reason.

Things are pretty low-key around here as most of the management is off at a conference for a few days.  I’m lucky that I have a desk job that allows me to work from home occasionally if the need arises.  It’s nice working for a small company where the emphasis is on getting the work done and not where or during what hours that happens.  It certainly gives me a lot more flexibility to be able to make it into my ultrasound and OB check up appointments without having to use up all of my PTO.

I have another ultrasound appointment this afternoon where they will most likely check in on the size of the hematoma and make sure that it’s not getting any larger.  If it does, there is a possibility that it can spread around the entire placenta which would most likely cause the placenta to detach from the uterus and lead to a miscarriage.  If everything goes well at today’s ultrasound we will probably have another video to post as well as some additional ultrasound pictures.  If not, we’ll probably have one more  post each and then the site will come down because the vote won’t be necessary anymore.  If everything looks normal then please continue to vote. 

I just want to thank everyone who has followed along with us so far and we will let you know what happens.


ER = Long wait time

Yesterday was a big day of firsts for me.  My first mat pilates class, my first ride in an ambulance and my first trip to the emergency room.  All of this only to find out that my sub-chorionic hematoma was acting up and causing me to bleed profusely (as in puddles).  Since the ultrasound they did in the ER showed that “Baby Wiggles'” heartbeat was still at 184 bpm and there was still movement and my cervix wasn’t dilated, I wasn’t actually miscarrying.

My OBGYN informed me this morning that I still had a 50% chance of miscarrying and that this bleeding from the hematoma could continue throughout my pregnancy or it could clear up at some point in the future.  So what did I get out of this day of firsts?  I lost 4.5 hrs of my life to waiting for blood tests, an ultrasound, and a pelvic exam in the ER as well as a bunch of stress and the conviction that working out during this pregnancy is going to be an issue.  So it’s kind of a catch 22…  Working out creates endorphins and relieves stress, but if it causes trips to the ER the good benefits don’t outweigh the bad.

So I’m taking a couple of days off from work to get some rest in hopes that the bleeding will abate.  I am also pondering how my airline travel for work next week could potentially affect my rather overractive hematoma.  At this point all we can do is take a “watch and wait” stance to see if this vote is even going to be necessary.


Baby's Length = Lime

According to, now that I’ve reached week 11 in my pregnancy “Baby Wiggles” is the size of a lime; the fetus is  approximately 1.6 inches  in length (crown to rump) and weighs about .25 oz  (if baby was a letter I could mail without adding extra postage).  There is now a 1:1 ratio between body and head and the fingers and toes are no longer webbed.  So in other words, baby looks less like a lizard (no more tail) and more like an alien (large head with wide set eyes).

As I mentioned in my post from yesterday I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time but because we did the fetal doppler, I didn’t have an ultrasound.  So other than the approximations I listed above, I can’t tell you exactly how long “Baby Wiggles” is now or what the beats per minute are.  I have another ultrasound appointment next week so hopefully I will have some more insight into the baby’s size and heartbeat bpms at that time.

For me the extreme thirst and trouble sleeping continue unabated.  How much have I had to drink today (non-alcoholic beverages only, of course…)?  Let’s see, I had an orange juice in a McCafe cup this morning with breakfast (I believe that’s 16 oz), one twelve oz can of Sprite Zero (no caffeine) and I’ve already put away 64 oz of water (currently working on my next 20 oz water bottle).  That makes 92 oz of fluid so far today (almost 3 liters) and my thirst continues unquenched.  Can drinking too many liquids lead to an electrolyte imbalance?  It seems that if dehydration throws off electrolyte levels then over-hydration would affect them too.

The netti pot drains my sinuses and my will to live

I also got sick last week with major nasal congestion.  The worst part about being sick when you’re pregnant?  There are very few medicines that are considered “safe” enough to consume during the first trimester while baby’s organs are forming.  I found out that congestion during pregnancy (especially the first trimester) is common enough that it has it’s own name.  Rhinitis of pregnancy is difficult to treat because pregnant mothers are limited as to what medications are acceptable.  So I got to try new homeopathic remedies that I had never used before.  I tried out the netti pot and a separate saline spray. 

If you’re not familiar with a netti pot, you fill it with a saline water solution, stick the end up one nostril and then hang your head over the tub or sink while the solution drains through your nasal cavity and out the other nostril.  (If you think it sounds disgusting, you would be right).

I also tried a medicated chest rub (keep away from eyes if you don’t want to feel a “burning” sensation) and some dissolving therapeutic shower tablets.  This last item I actually liked because they cleared my sinuses non-intrusively but dissolved way too fast, so I went through a whole package (3 tablets) during one shower (yes, long, HOT showers are my friend).  I am feeling better now, but still find myself draining my nasal cavity and coughing up phlegm.  What a lovely picture!  Want to enjoy some other lovely pictures?  Do a Bing image search for “netti pot”.  You might be surprised by how many people were willing to have their picture taken while using one of these things…

Fetal Heartbeat Doppler

Fetal Doppler Triggers Scary Memory

So today I went in for an OB check with my OBGYN and I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  I was actually kind of scared when I saw that the doctor had the fetal doppler to listen for the baby’s heart.  This may seem silly, but that little machine was the beginning of the call of doom for my first planned pregnancy that ended in miscarriage in January of this year.  The nurse took it out at my 16 week appointment and couldn’t find the heartbeat.  She acted like everything was okay and that it was not always easy to hear the baby’s heart with the doppler, so she took me into the ultrasound room “to find where the baby was located”.  The idea being that she could then place the doppler directly over the baby, but of course the ultrasound showed that there was no heartbeat, so this wasn’t necessary.

And when the doctor took several seconds to locate the baby’s heartbeat during today’s appointment my anxiety level skyrocketed.  But then we heard Baby “Wiggles” heart come through that crackly fetal doppler speaker and I was able to relax.  At the end of my appointment I met with the nurse and we filled out some more of my paperwork.  They had been holding off in case this pregnancy didn’t “stick” and I miscarried early.  During my chat with the nurse she laid out the next few appointments I would need to make with her and the doctor.  I was also given some handouts and instructions to add to my regimen of supplements.

I’m already taking 2 children’s complete vitamins as well as extra folic acid every day.  I’m not taking the regular pre-natal supplements because I have a difficult time digesting the amount of iron that they have in them (even if I take them with food they make me vomit). 

Children's vitamins eliminates Iron-induced vomiting

Now I get to add 2 – 3, 000 units of vitamin D3 and 200 mg of DHA (I was given a coupon for Expecta LIPIL).  I was able to get the D3 in 1000 unit softgels, so if you include the Metformin I’m taking for my insulin resistance, I’m up to 8 or 9 pills a day.  I feel like an elderly person who needs to have an organizer so that they don’t forget to take any of their drugs for the day.

I have an appointment to go in again next week for another ultrasound.  The next few weeks are going to be crucial because with the miscarriage I had in January they believe that the baby’s heartbeat stopped at around 13. 5 weeks.  Today marks the week 11 checkpoint, so the next few ultrasound appointments are going to be very nerve-wracking.


There have been several comments posted in the poll and on this website and we have received several messages through the Contact Us page.  I would like to take a moment to start a dialogue with anyone willing to talk about this.

Please note that any comments you place within this site and on any of our postings will notify you when someone replies.  We have set this up this way to foster open lines of communication for all involved in this vote. 

From LuBelle626: 

” I’m Pro-choice so I support whatever you guys choose to do HOWEVER, the idea that you’re doing a poll like this is completely irresponsible. Especially the idea that you’re going to wait until the last minute??? That’s horrible.”

I have a honest question for you:  From what I understand, the process of the public voting is one of the most sacred and honored freedoms we have.  What could be more responsible than allowing the public to vote?  And as far as the “last minute”… Legal is legal regardless of the time.


“The baby’s heArt was beating about 18 days after conception! This baby is every bit as much a person as you or I! Taking a poll to decide someone’s fate – life or death – is sick! May God bless this little one!”

Whether people believe life starts at conception or at birth is a fantastic topic to discuss, but reguardless of the discussion, abortion is Legal.  We are using the American tradition that has been used since 1869 to allow the people to actually have a say on this issue in a manner that actually  makes a difference in the real world.


“Do you not understand how many people in this world want babies and cannot have them? And then you go and flaunt your disgusting idea of “should we have our baby or abort it” like it’s a freakin’ game? Have some compassion. I do not understand, after 10 years of marriage, how you could consider destroying something that is equally a part of both of you just for public attention. PLEASE, I am begging you, have this baby and give it to a couple who would adore it every single second of every single day and give it unconditional love. PLEASE!!!!”

Voting is not a game, and believe me when I say, neither is this.  The public decides the fate of others every election cycle.  Alisha and I encourage you to make your opinion on abortion actually matter and Vote.  Here you have an opportunity to do more than voice their concern to an elected representative.  Here you can do something.


I hope that your poll is a sic joke of some kind. How could you even consider killing an innocent human life, much less, based on a stupid, idiotic poll?? Life begins at conception and life must be respected from conception to natural death. If you intentionally kill that baby within you, then you have committed murder. I would hate to go before God when i die and face Him with that on my conscience. Apparently, you do not have a conscience. I have never heard of anything so bizarre in all of my life.

I will pray for you so that you will come to know God, through His son, Jesus, and have a deeper respect for all human life, especially a life that you helped create.

May the God of all grace bless you and open the eyes of your heart to Him.

Fred, I understand your concern and we have taken several precautions to make sure the voting here is secure.  I will be running a report on the results to make sure the possibility for voter fraud is minimized.   When you say (and I’m paraphrasing) that killing a fetus is murder:  Respectfully and legally I would like to disagree.  no one goes to jail on charges of murder for going through with an abortion so long as it is within the legal timeframe allotted by state law.  And while some people believe it is murder, others do not believe so.  This is why we would like the public to choose for themselves.

Aloving Neighbor

This site disgusts me. This is a personal and private matter, nonetheless one that will change an unborn human’s life. Why would you leave that up to the public to decide?
I hope my vote surely doesn’t go unheard. I made the decision to have a son when I was 18, and though it did change my life and lead to true hardship, I can’t imagine how much harder my life would have been had I had to live with the fact that I had simply gotten rid of the problem.
A child is the best gift you receive in life. I hope you choose to keep this baby and love it more than anything, because it will be the best decision of your life.
I’m going to go throw up now and slit my wrists myself over what humanity has become

Your vote will not go unheard.  No one’s vote will go unheard.


I am definitely Pro-Choice, I want to say up front; however, I am deeply offended by your statement of asking for outside opinions.  This seems to me to be a cowardly way of laying blame for any misgivings you may have in the future on others.  The CHOICE is yours and an important aspect of that choice is YOUR ACCEPTING YOUR CHOICE the rest of your life.  It seems to me like you are asking for opinions so that you can have someone else to blame it you don’t like YOUR CHOICE in the future.

I have never thought of an election process as a “cowardly way of laying blame for any misgivings I may have had in the future on others” before.  I would like to respectfully disagree here though.  If a choice is important for one person, then I would argue that it is important for others.

Many comments have been expressing how important this decision is.  Feel free to share this with others.