• Grew up and graduated from high school in a small town surrounded by corn fields
  • Parents: Married (to each other), middle-class, blue-collar with 2 yr degrees
  • Bachelor’s Degree in English from small private liberal arts school
  • Works for a small software company


  • Grew up in a large suburb but moved to a small rural town (age 12) and graduated from high school there         
  • Parents: Married (to each other) middle-class, blue collar/military, father completed 3 yrs of college and mother received bachelor’s degree recently
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Writing from a small state college
  • Works for a small IT consulting business


  • Met at her school during their sophomore year, engaged 3 mos. later
  • Unplanned, unsuccessful pregnancy at age 20 while taking “The Pill”
  • Married in a traditional ceremony at 21
  • Bought first home in small suburb in ‘02
  • Moved to second home in larger suburb 2 yrs later
  • Brought home first cat in summer ‘05
  • Brought home 2nd cat in summer ‘08
  • First planned pregnancy ended in miscarriage in Jan. ’10 at 16 wks
  • Second planned pregnancy ended in miscarriage in Apr. ’10 at 5 wks

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