Alisha went in yesterday for an appointment with our OB doctor, as yesterday was the estimated date of delivery for Baby Wiggles.

Fortunately now, Baby Wiggles is in the coveted “head down” position with face towards Alisha’s back and tilted slightly to the left side. The amount of amniotic fluid looks good and the umbilical cord still seems to be functioning efficiently. The placenta is in a good position (not blocking the cervix), so all indicators so far would make a vaginal delivery possible. According to the measurements that were taken they estimate that baby is 7 lbs. 12 oz., but the doc said (at a previous appointment, not today) that at this point the ultrasound measurements are not very accurate because babies vary so much in the amount of muscle they have once they’re full term.

I am hoping for a delivery this weekend, though baby will come when baby is ready.


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