You have undoubtedly noticed a large shift in the votes from yesterday to today.  They went from 81/19 in favor of Giving Birth to what they are at the time of this posting : 42/58 in favor of Abortion.  This change has happened in approximately a 30 hour period.

The traffic to our site, comments to us, email messages, and media requests have been extensive.  And while the number of visitors matches the number of votes not everyone who visits votes and the sway in the result this far has us concerned that perhaps some out there are not taking this as seriously as we have been.

Fraud in votes has been a prominent issue as of late, even locally here in Minnesota.  While some see this as a game, we most certainly do not.   When the vote closes, we will be reviewing the data, and making it all public.  When the vote closes, you will know all that we do… as we discover it together.  Until then, it looks like we might have something we see typically with voting:  An unknown result until the end.


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