There has been a lot of attention about this today, and I would like to spend a moment to address some of what I’m reading.

First of all, your comments are appreciated.  Though there are indeed many hateful.  For every ten comments that are negative or spiteful there is one that is positive enough to blow them out of the water.  We have even had multiple people (accounting for approximately 6% of those who have sent us a message) who have offered to adopt if the vote result is Abort.

We have had multiple interviews today.  The entire experience has been rather dizzying, and we are both surprised and impressed at how many have taken interest.  Most of the interviewers have been very nice and professional, which is something I had not expected.  Two radio talking heads we talked to were pretty clear in their attempts to steer the conversation, which we expected.  I have been honestly surprised by how all of the local, national, and international media we have talked to so far has been shockingly “professional”.  One thing is cretin; I am very much looking forward to my return home from my trip to hold Alisha and have a nice long talk about what we have experienced thus far.


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