According to The Bump.combaby “Wiggles” is now approximately the size of an avocado with an average crown to rump measurement of 4.6 inches.  This week bones are forming in baby’s ears so that they can start to pick up noises outside the womb.  The hair, eyebrows, and lashes are filling in and taste buds are forming.

Baby "Wiggles" 16 week ultrasound image

At my 16 week OB check they did another ultrasound and baby’s development is still on target.  Lots of fetal movement and the hematoma was smaller once again.  Baby “Wiggles” heartbeat was at 164 bpm and I got to hear it on the dop tone as well.  The nurse even informed me how the staticky crunch noises that I hear are the baby’s movements.

16 week 3D ultrasound of our little alien

I’m getting a little bored with working at home.  I miss seeing my co-workers and with my husband traveling so much I’m tired of being by myself all of the time.  It does have its perks though.  I don’t have to pack a lunch or deal with my morning commute and the urgent care and clinic are close by if I need them. 

I also went into Walgreens with my mother and got my flu shot.  It was $29.99, but my insurance covered the full cost.  For those of you looking at getting a flu shot this season, not all insurance companies are covering the cost of the shot if it’s done at a pharmacy but may cover it if done at a clinic.  Go figure.  The CDC now recommends that anyone over 6 mos. old get the shot. 

I’d never had one before and watched my mom when she went first.  Bad idea, the length of the needle really freaked me out and then I was all nervous when it was my turn.  It turned out to be almost painless despite the needle-length and I didn’t have any type of reaction or muscle soreness the next day.

Do you have opinions or knowledge of the effectiveness of flu vaccines?  Feel free to post them here.


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