It has come to my understanding that some are posting links to this site on an Internet forum called 4chan. 
I was tipped off to this by an email by “Jay Jay”

Recently a site called 4chan (google it) has had a post in their /b/ section asking the members there to vote for weather the baby should be aborted given birth to. The poster bribed the people who saw the thread with nude pictures and other suck things.This defeats the purpose of free voting.

As well as  a commentator Zachery:
You may or may not know of this site called 4Chan.It was on this site i found out about this poll( sites full of random things)Anyway, The site is full of people who have a  deeply disturbed sense of humor (me to a little), and all the users are voting to abort just for a cheap laugh, so if your serious about doing what the poll decides, then you’ll just be entertaining a bunch of psychotic individuals. I beg you not to get an abortion just because of this poll.
I did Google It, and it would appear that the associated posting and all comments with it have been pulled or is unavailable (If I am wrong, I would love for someone to provide a working link).
First, I just want to say that I am not a fan of silencing voices, weather or not I agree with what they are saying.
Now, my first instinct is to remove the poll completely, as in a few days we have seen the total number of votes jump from 547 (Give Birth: 428, Abortion: 119) to 1390 (Give Birth: 625, Abortion: 765).  Clearly it has swayed pretty far in what looks like one day’s worth of activity. 
The more I thought about it however, the more I felt the vote needed to stay up.  The whole point here is to let people have a real way to voice your opinion on the topic of abortion and have it actually make a difference in the real world.  By voting on whether to continue or abort an actual pregnancy, you are doing so much more then simply telling an elected representative your feelings.  You are actually changing something in the real world.

What we’ve said our About This Site page still rings true:  We would like to keep you informed on our pregnancy as if it was your own; posting our thoughts and feelings as we struggle to make this decision.  We would like you to see what we see and feel what we feel.  We invite you take this journey with us as we contemplate our own options and encourage you to utilize this site to vote and voice your opinion in a way that will have a real consequence… in a way that truly matters.  Here, your vote will not go unheard.

We will not take down this vote because some do not take it seriously.  We all know this to be true with our current election system as it sits, and accept it.  I will however, not allow duplicate votes.  Poll Daddy, thankfully weeds a good portion of duplicates out and includes reports I can run to help me decipher any duplicate votes that made it through based on IP address, cookies, and timestamps.

For the first time in history, your vote on the topic of abortion will not go unheard.  We meant that. 


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