View of Baby "Wiggles" head and belly

Well I made it to the 2nd trimester.  During my pregnancy that ended in miscarriage back in January of this year, they determined that based on the measurements that the baby’s heartbeat stopped around 13.5 weeks even though I hadn’t miscarried yet at my 16 week appointment.  So this pregnancy has officially made it further than the longest lasting one.

Close up view of baby's head and tummy

I rented a fetal heart doppler from, so I can listen to the baby’s heartbeat on a daily basis.  That way I won’t be surprised if I get to my weekly ultrasound appointment and they can’t find a heartbeat.  At the 14 week appointment Baby “Wiggles'” heartbeat was 166 bpm and I’m able to count just around 160 bpm myself at home on a daily basis.

3D Image of Baby "Wiggles"

These 3D images always look kind of weird to me.  Although in the non-3D images above the baby still looks weird because you’re seeing the top of the head as Baby “Wiggles'” chin is tucked down to the neck, so you’re seeing the two halves of the brain instead of a profile from the side.  Everything is looking good baby-wise although my hematoma hasn’t decreased in size at all.  I am still working from home and watching the birds come to the window feeder.


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