Restful Computer Work

So today I’m back at work.  The bleeding from my sub-chorionic hematoma has almost completely stopped.  My OBGYN indicated that at this stage in the pregnancy (11 – 12 weeks) the studies show that a decrease or increase in activity has rarely  made any difference in whether a miscarriage happens or not (hence my return to work).  I was able to get a written note allowing me to work from home (which my boss was REALLY great about) and I enjoyed not having to make the commute to and from work for a couple of days.  With the gas prices climbing once again it was more economical to work from home if for no other reason.

Things are pretty low-key around here as most of the management is off at a conference for a few days.  I’m lucky that I have a desk job that allows me to work from home occasionally if the need arises.  It’s nice working for a small company where the emphasis is on getting the work done and not where or during what hours that happens.  It certainly gives me a lot more flexibility to be able to make it into my ultrasound and OB check up appointments without having to use up all of my PTO.

I have another ultrasound appointment this afternoon where they will most likely check in on the size of the hematoma and make sure that it’s not getting any larger.  If it does, there is a possibility that it can spread around the entire placenta which would most likely cause the placenta to detach from the uterus and lead to a miscarriage.  If everything goes well at today’s ultrasound we will probably have another video to post as well as some additional ultrasound pictures.  If not, we’ll probably have one more  post each and then the site will come down because the vote won’t be necessary anymore.  If everything looks normal then please continue to vote. 

I just want to thank everyone who has followed along with us so far and we will let you know what happens.


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