ER = Long wait time

Yesterday was a big day of firsts for me.  My first mat pilates class, my first ride in an ambulance and my first trip to the emergency room.  All of this only to find out that my sub-chorionic hematoma was acting up and causing me to bleed profusely (as in puddles).  Since the ultrasound they did in the ER showed that “Baby Wiggles'” heartbeat was still at 184 bpm and there was still movement and my cervix wasn’t dilated, I wasn’t actually miscarrying.

My OBGYN informed me this morning that I still had a 50% chance of miscarrying and that this bleeding from the hematoma could continue throughout my pregnancy or it could clear up at some point in the future.  So what did I get out of this day of firsts?  I lost 4.5 hrs of my life to waiting for blood tests, an ultrasound, and a pelvic exam in the ER as well as a bunch of stress and the conviction that working out during this pregnancy is going to be an issue.  So it’s kind of a catch 22…  Working out creates endorphins and relieves stress, but if it causes trips to the ER the good benefits don’t outweigh the bad.

So I’m taking a couple of days off from work to get some rest in hopes that the bleeding will abate.  I am also pondering how my airline travel for work next week could potentially affect my rather overractive hematoma.  At this point all we can do is take a “watch and wait” stance to see if this vote is even going to be necessary.


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