Baby's Length = Lime

According to, now that I’ve reached week 11 in my pregnancy “Baby Wiggles” is the size of a lime; the fetus is  approximately 1.6 inches  in length (crown to rump) and weighs about .25 oz  (if baby was a letter I could mail without adding extra postage).  There is now a 1:1 ratio between body and head and the fingers and toes are no longer webbed.  So in other words, baby looks less like a lizard (no more tail) and more like an alien (large head with wide set eyes).

As I mentioned in my post from yesterday I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time but because we did the fetal doppler, I didn’t have an ultrasound.  So other than the approximations I listed above, I can’t tell you exactly how long “Baby Wiggles” is now or what the beats per minute are.  I have another ultrasound appointment next week so hopefully I will have some more insight into the baby’s size and heartbeat bpms at that time.

For me the extreme thirst and trouble sleeping continue unabated.  How much have I had to drink today (non-alcoholic beverages only, of course…)?  Let’s see, I had an orange juice in a McCafe cup this morning with breakfast (I believe that’s 16 oz), one twelve oz can of Sprite Zero (no caffeine) and I’ve already put away 64 oz of water (currently working on my next 20 oz water bottle).  That makes 92 oz of fluid so far today (almost 3 liters) and my thirst continues unquenched.  Can drinking too many liquids lead to an electrolyte imbalance?  It seems that if dehydration throws off electrolyte levels then over-hydration would affect them too.

The netti pot drains my sinuses and my will to live

I also got sick last week with major nasal congestion.  The worst part about being sick when you’re pregnant?  There are very few medicines that are considered “safe” enough to consume during the first trimester while baby’s organs are forming.  I found out that congestion during pregnancy (especially the first trimester) is common enough that it has it’s own name.  Rhinitis of pregnancy is difficult to treat because pregnant mothers are limited as to what medications are acceptable.  So I got to try new homeopathic remedies that I had never used before.  I tried out the netti pot and a separate saline spray. 

If you’re not familiar with a netti pot, you fill it with a saline water solution, stick the end up one nostril and then hang your head over the tub or sink while the solution drains through your nasal cavity and out the other nostril.  (If you think it sounds disgusting, you would be right).

I also tried a medicated chest rub (keep away from eyes if you don’t want to feel a “burning” sensation) and some dissolving therapeutic shower tablets.  This last item I actually liked because they cleared my sinuses non-intrusively but dissolved way too fast, so I went through a whole package (3 tablets) during one shower (yes, long, HOT showers are my friend).  I am feeling better now, but still find myself draining my nasal cavity and coughing up phlegm.  What a lovely picture!  Want to enjoy some other lovely pictures?  Do a Bing image search for “netti pot”.  You might be surprised by how many people were willing to have their picture taken while using one of these things…


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