There have been several comments posted in the poll and on this website and we have received several messages through the Contact Us page.  I would like to take a moment to start a dialogue with anyone willing to talk about this.

Please note that any comments you place within this site and on any of our postings will notify you when someone replies.  We have set this up this way to foster open lines of communication for all involved in this vote. 

From LuBelle626: 

” I’m Pro-choice so I support whatever you guys choose to do HOWEVER, the idea that you’re doing a poll like this is completely irresponsible. Especially the idea that you’re going to wait until the last minute??? That’s horrible.”

I have a honest question for you:  From what I understand, the process of the public voting is one of the most sacred and honored freedoms we have.  What could be more responsible than allowing the public to vote?  And as far as the “last minute”… Legal is legal regardless of the time.


“The baby’s heArt was beating about 18 days after conception! This baby is every bit as much a person as you or I! Taking a poll to decide someone’s fate – life or death – is sick! May God bless this little one!”

Whether people believe life starts at conception or at birth is a fantastic topic to discuss, but reguardless of the discussion, abortion is Legal.  We are using the American tradition that has been used since 1869 to allow the people to actually have a say on this issue in a manner that actually  makes a difference in the real world.


“Do you not understand how many people in this world want babies and cannot have them? And then you go and flaunt your disgusting idea of “should we have our baby or abort it” like it’s a freakin’ game? Have some compassion. I do not understand, after 10 years of marriage, how you could consider destroying something that is equally a part of both of you just for public attention. PLEASE, I am begging you, have this baby and give it to a couple who would adore it every single second of every single day and give it unconditional love. PLEASE!!!!”

Voting is not a game, and believe me when I say, neither is this.  The public decides the fate of others every election cycle.  Alisha and I encourage you to make your opinion on abortion actually matter and Vote.  Here you have an opportunity to do more than voice their concern to an elected representative.  Here you can do something.


I hope that your poll is a sic joke of some kind. How could you even consider killing an innocent human life, much less, based on a stupid, idiotic poll?? Life begins at conception and life must be respected from conception to natural death. If you intentionally kill that baby within you, then you have committed murder. I would hate to go before God when i die and face Him with that on my conscience. Apparently, you do not have a conscience. I have never heard of anything so bizarre in all of my life.

I will pray for you so that you will come to know God, through His son, Jesus, and have a deeper respect for all human life, especially a life that you helped create.

May the God of all grace bless you and open the eyes of your heart to Him.

Fred, I understand your concern and we have taken several precautions to make sure the voting here is secure.  I will be running a report on the results to make sure the possibility for voter fraud is minimized.   When you say (and I’m paraphrasing) that killing a fetus is murder:  Respectfully and legally I would like to disagree.  no one goes to jail on charges of murder for going through with an abortion so long as it is within the legal timeframe allotted by state law.  And while some people believe it is murder, others do not believe so.  This is why we would like the public to choose for themselves.

Aloving Neighbor

This site disgusts me. This is a personal and private matter, nonetheless one that will change an unborn human’s life. Why would you leave that up to the public to decide?
I hope my vote surely doesn’t go unheard. I made the decision to have a son when I was 18, and though it did change my life and lead to true hardship, I can’t imagine how much harder my life would have been had I had to live with the fact that I had simply gotten rid of the problem.
A child is the best gift you receive in life. I hope you choose to keep this baby and love it more than anything, because it will be the best decision of your life.
I’m going to go throw up now and slit my wrists myself over what humanity has become

Your vote will not go unheard.  No one’s vote will go unheard.


I am definitely Pro-Choice, I want to say up front; however, I am deeply offended by your statement of asking for outside opinions.  This seems to me to be a cowardly way of laying blame for any misgivings you may have in the future on others.  The CHOICE is yours and an important aspect of that choice is YOUR ACCEPTING YOUR CHOICE the rest of your life.  It seems to me like you are asking for opinions so that you can have someone else to blame it you don’t like YOUR CHOICE in the future.

I have never thought of an election process as a “cowardly way of laying blame for any misgivings I may have had in the future on others” before.  I would like to respectfully disagree here though.  If a choice is important for one person, then I would argue that it is important for others.

Many comments have been expressing how important this decision is.  Feel free to share this with others.


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