I have been going in for weekly ultrasounds to make sure that the baby is developing on schedule.  You may ask yourself “Why?”, if we are considering terminating the pregnancy.  If we decide to continue with the pregnancy I want to make sure that I’ve taken every precaution possible to insure that I give birth to a healthy baby.  I don’t drink alcohol or use any type of tobacco product, I exercise regularly and I don’t have any caffeine intake (other than what you get from chocolate).  The only negative indicator is that I am obese and was working on changing that.  

Despite doing everything right (except the obesity factor) I started having some heavy spotting at 6 weeks.  As any expecting mother can tell you, this is a definite cause for worry…  At the ultrasound that was done at the end of August they found a large subchorionic hemorrhage.  When these occur there is a higher chance of an early miscarriage so they wanted to keep an eye on the size of the hemorrhage as well to make sure that it wasn’t getting bigger.  Now the hemorrhage seems to be completely gone and the spotting has stopped too.  Both are good signs.  Baby “Wiggles” continues to develop as expected and has now reached the 10 week mark.  The hearbeat (as shown in the video) is at 175 bpm and the baby’s length (crown to rump) is approx. 1.2 inches (roughly the length of a prune).  According to TheBump.com, baby’s length will double in the next three weeks.

This pregnancy can go one of three ways: it continues and I give birth to a healthy baby, we decide to abort, or something goes wrong and I miscarry again.  The only one we have any control over is a decision to abort, anything else is decided by God, fate, etc.  So I will continue to document what is happening with my pregnancy and (hopefully) you all will continue to vote.


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