So it’s official.  I’m pregnant.  And I’m not certain how I feel about it.  Sure, Pete and I have been married for almost a decade now with no kids to show for it, but I’m not convinced that I want to change the status quo.  I feel that as I age I’ve actually gotten more selfish and set in my ways.  I’m afraid that I will eventually regret starting a family and “settling down”, as they say.  I fear that the constant pressure to be the perfect wife and mother while maintaining a full-time job will eventually cause my brain to implode and lead to a nervous breakdown.  And the fact that this pregnancy puts a big hold on my weight-loss progress is disappointing.  Add in the fact that I’ve had three unsuccessful pregnancies already and I’m sure you’ll understand why my stress-level is going through the roof.

On the other hand I’ve always loved kids (okay, most kids) and encountering a baby in a store or a park will undoubtedly lead me to silly smiles and “baby talk”.  I enjoy attending baby showers for my friends and family and look forward to the opportunity to spend time with my young nephews.  I glance wistfully at mothers pushing baby strollers at the fair and continually decorate our nursery in my mind.  I imagine what it would look like to see Pete holding our son or daughter in his arms and the goofy smile that it would bring to his face.  All of this leads me to believe that maybe having a little one to cuddle and love wouldn’t be so bad… 

But this is where it starts.  If I wasn’t pregnant there wouldn’t be a decision to be made, but I’ve definitely got one “on board” so I guess that we’ll just go from here.

On a side note I’ve found that the digital pregnancy tests (like the ClearBlue ones I used for this pregnancy – pictured above) give an accurate reading earlier on than the non-digital ones.  Besides the fact that unless there is a language barrier the result is definitely clear as day.  The only negative aspect being that the display is only visible for 24 hours while the batteries last.  So if you’re one of those people that wants to hang onto every momento of the pregnancy, you’re going to need a picture of the digital result which isn’t the case with a standard “at home” pregnancy test. 

I’m curious as to what other people have found with their “do-it-yourself” pregnancy tests.  How soon have you gotten an accurate result?  Any false positives?


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